Everything Everyone Should Do!

Another one — another dang list telling me what I should do!

“8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.”

Now, I’m sure this list is chalk-filled with amazing insights. Truthfully, this guy has a PHD, so he is clearly smarter than me. Plus, it has over 1.1Million likes!!! HOLYCOWTHAT’SALOTOFLIKES!

And 43 responses! But, I digress…

As someone who overuses absolutes and is addicted to clicking on lists that tell me how to live my life, it took everything in my power not to read this well-liked, heavily-commented article, and instead ask MYSELF what is best for ME.

“8 Things Martin McGovern Should Do Before 8 A.M.!”

I’m not going to share my 8 things. And don’t get me wrong, I like self-help and life-hacking as much as the next guy — but I’d love if some nuance could start showing up in the way we market self-help content online.

There is no possible way all 8 things in that list are going to work for everyone’s life and routine. No way!

We need to take into account people’s personality types, work schedule, family-life, mental health, physical health, allergies, sleep schedules, etc. etc.

The audacity to presume that list will work for everyone in the entire world is ridiculous!


But, that’s just me. Just my opinion. It probably doesn’t apply to you — unless it does. But, even then, let’s discuss.

“Nothing I have ever said, or will ever say, will apply to everyone in every situation forever!” — Martin

There. I have it in writing.

NOTE: I am not writing this to knock the author of that article!

Again, it is probably filled with fantastic info for people’s morning routines.

I just won’t read it… until it pops-up on Facebook next week…when I’m tossing and turning in bed… at 4am… stressed out with insomnia… worrying if I’m going to oversleep my alarm… clicking on the article out of bored curiosity… reading the 8 things I need to do in the next 4 hours… and then… then I’ll know… then I’ll know the 8 things I won’t get done before 8am the next day… and I’ll finally fall asleep.


I get it. I’m overreacting.

This is just a list, and lists like these can help people. But, let’s give the hyperbole a break for marketing-click-bait-sake! Also, don’t think I don’t know that 8 things before 8am wasn’t on purpose. Did you cut out an important #9 because it didn’t fit the title symmetry?


That’s it for me. What do you think? Did you read his article? Was it good? Am I becoming a cynical old man at age 28? Discuss… I read all the comments. And share this with a friend!

Much Love,