The best thing anyone ever said about one of my photographs was “That looks like shit.” — “ That (meaning my photograph) looks like shit.” I think it was something I posted on DPREVIEW or one of those other sites. Anyways, where I posted the photo is irrelevant. What is relivant is that that comment changed everything I knew about photography. You see, back then I had just gotten the bad ass, see ya later Sony Cyber Shot, Nikon D3000. Now this thing had just come out. It was one of the first consumer DSLR’s that changed the game for…

How to make your business cards better than the other guys.

A perfect example of a boring business card you should never have made to represent you.

If you do anything even remotely artsy fartsy, and I’m talking about Writers. Artists. Musicians. Photographers. Filmmakers., then you have no excuse having shit business cards. Whether you’re unhappy with your current ones, or in the process of designing them for the first time, I have a few simple tips to help make yours stand out from the other guys. Being a photographer I meet a lot of artists, and of course, I swap a lot of business cards; the problem is, most of them are terrible. You know the kind, the ones your service advisor at the car dealership…

Yes, I have a slogan. I know that’s kinda weird, but let me tell you what it means to me, and what it should mean to you.

If you Google #livemoredomore you’re gonna find a whole lot of me jumping off of shit, writing about everything and anything, and basically me traveling around the world. The things is, I don’t want that Google search to be filled with just my stuff, I want your life to be intertwined with that slogan as well. I want it to mean to you, what it now means to me. See, back in my early twenties I didn’t really do much. I dropped out of college so I could work on cars. I cashed in my vacation the day it was…

Why You Guys Are Incredible, And Why I Actually Feel Dumber Using Facebook

Medium is not by any means a ‘Social Network,’ but it does connect all of us in a very ‘social’ environment. What Facebook does to make us dumber, Medium does to make us more cultured, enlightened and inspired, and all without the bloated apps, e-cards and bullshit that comes along with the other guy.

Now you might be asking yourself, why is this guy comparing Medium (essentially a blog site) to Facebook? Well I’ll tell you why, because I just deleted Facebook from my iPhone (because I actually felt dumber using it) and replaced it with Medium, so, in essence…

Avoid Doing What I Do At All Costs. It’s Not Healthy.

The unbelievable amount of shit I bring when I travel.

Traveling and being a photographer is a huge pain in the ass. Not only do I bring unnecessary amounts of shit (see image), I also shoot an inappropriate and unhealthy amount of photos. On a five to eight day trip I will take anywhere from 1,500-2000 pictures. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Of what?” I don’t know, every bathroom I’m in. The bed in the hotel. The pictures on the wall. The breakfast buffet. You name it, I don’t want to forget it. Now in my defense, I believe that’s the reason (forgetting) behind my obsession. I travel a lot

Why Branding Is Just As Important As Your Art

Nike may have done it best with its ‘Just Do It’ campaign, or perhaps even Apple’s ‘Think Different,’ but today branding is not just pigeon held to large coorperations. Today, being a writer, artist, musician, filmmaker or photographer is not enough, and branding is just as important as the art you’re creating; until you know that, you’re nobody, you’re just another artist.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of Medium. Since joining, I have never felt more cultured and inspired by the thousands of people who contribute their thoughts, ideas and stories. I came across one…

Martin Moore

Full-Time Creative, Part-Time Sleeper. Official Photographer/Filmmaker at @KossHeadphones. I also Vlog a bit:

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