5 Interesting Facts about Paris’ Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral

Victor Martin
May 13 · 3 min read

We all know how devastating it was when the news of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral fire broke the world apart. The beautiful structure may have had a devastating blow but it is sure to stand out with pride once again pretty soon. Today in honor of this beautiful structure, I write to you today to five interesting facts about the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. As you all know that Paris was the first place that I have been to for an international solo trip, the city is pretty much very personal to me. I always book cheap flights to Paris with Cheapbestfares and fly to this wonderful place whenever I desire.

A city lies underneath the structure:

A pagan Gallo-Roman city called the Lutetia. It is said that the holy city was built above the remnants of a temple with a sculpture alter that was once dedicated to Jupiter and its deities. All this was found after the excavation in the year 1960 that discovered this archaeological city beneath the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The Gothic Trendsetter:

it is said that the city is one of the oldest structure that inspired the entire era of Gothic architecture. It was constructed around the year 12th century, the holy building has an iconic window and door decors and probably the only structure that established the flying buttresses.

The Not So Iconic Twin:

everybody thinks that the iconic tower of Notre Dame Cathedral is a twin, however, it’s not the case in reality. The towers were made by two different architects during two different exhibiting two totally different architectural styles.

The Bells:

The bell that adds like a jewel to the structure has faced many wars and once the bells were burnt and melted to make cannon during the French Revolution under the command of Emmanuel.

The Modern Sculptures:

People usually say that the monsters at the Notre Dame Cathedral are an icon of medieval structure. However, that’s not the case. It’s a modern art that was installed somewhere around the mid-1800s.

Therefore these are the facts that I have been told by the locals in Paris. Over the past few years, my interaction with the people of Paris has potentially improved and therefore know a lot about the ins and outs of the city has come in handy. I really wish everybody in the world to visit Paris because it is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you wish to book cheap flight tickets to Paris then you know Cheapbestfares is the best option. However, if there’s an amazing offers all domestic travel deals and also on the silver airways reservations. To know more visit the Cheapbestfares website. That’s all for today. This is where I end my blog for today. See you soon with any other blog or article about but every other day journey. Until then keep reading my blogs and keep flying to your heart’s content. Goodbye.

Victor Martin

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I am 23 years old and I am a graduate in Literature. Personal hobbies include reading, writing, a bit of photography and snorkeling.

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