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It’s been 11 years since Tokopedia was established and we have had tremendous evolution since. One of the biggest evolutions was our search feature, where it has evolved from a simple database (DB) query to a complex system like we have today. Everyday, we face a new challenge with the rapidly growing number of products to search while keeping our search experience fast and relevant. In this article, we will share how we managed to keep our search fast and relevant, to be specific, how we rank our products which numbers keep growing overtime.

A Little Bit Journey of Tokopedia Search Ranking

Our initial search feature began with…

Hello folks! This is my first time writing a medium post. Currently, I am a software engineer at one of Indonesia tech company. Right now, I am focusing my technical journey on frontend web development (React) and mobile development (Native Android/iOS & React Native).

For this first post, I will share my thought about native mobile development first. Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A TECH COMPARISON POST ABOUT ANDROID AND IOS PLATFORM. It is more about experience comparison. Hence, please see each documentation for details about each platform behaviours.

So let’s get into our comparison. …

Martino Christanto Khuangga

Software Engineer

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