When campus joined Johny

6th May 2011, Johny joined campus, his dream had finally come true. One year later, campus joined him and he started living life in the fast lane with no care in the world. Alcohol, weed, sex and endless parties were part and parcel of Johny, a young, bright and once naive boy who was the first to join university in his village. Johny missed all his lectures and sometimes showed up for cats and exams as drunk as a sailor and as high as a kite. It did not take long before reality caught up with him. The university system spat him out due to poor performance. This hefty slap of reality should have been a wake up call for Johny but sadly it was not. Loaded with harambee money from people in his village, Johny continued living life in the fast lane. He drowned his life deeper into alcohol, smoked all his dreams away and lost all his dignity. Everything in life comes to an end, for Johny it was his money. He had squandered it all to the last dime. It was then that he came back to his senses. He realised he was a raging alcoholic and a heroin addict. His life as he knew it had come to a screeching halt. For the first time Johny was broke, alone, sick and depressed. The withdrawal symptoms were ripping him apart, his conscience that he had drowned for so long in drugs and alcohol was tormenting him and the guilt of failing an entire village and most importantly his mom who had single handendly raised him and his five siblings was too much to bear. With tears rolling down his cheeks and his entire body shaking like a leaf in a tornado, Johny looked up to the heavens and whispered his last prayers.