Hiya Tino Hadley !
H. Nemesis Nyx

Since you asked it would only be right for me to share my thoughts on those remarkable individuals. I’ve read both of their autobiographies and studied a sufficient amount of material about the conflict between the two men as well — I hate that they couldn’t agree on such a important topic (the education of black people).

Even though I am an admirer of both individuals for their contribution to the well being of black people, I don’t agree with the views of Booker T. Washington on the subject on education. He thought it was well for black people to go to school in order to gain a trade and get a factory job of some sort. This thinking didn’t happen to later on his career when he gained some fame and fortune.. Scholars on the subject of back history say money from different companies may have clouded his vision on education. Early on in his career he believed that an education in general was the way to better living for black people… I remember reading in his biography how he fought hard to get into a school that he couldn’t afford in order to get something that was so precious to him — an education. If I’m not mistaken, the school he attended wasn’t a trade school (correct me if I’m wrong). An education was his gateway to success like it still is today for black people.

A trade is cool and all but that is only putting a bandaid on a contagious virus spreading rapidly (now and than) through black communities. this virus is the inability to “think”— when I say think I mean reasoning on a high cognitive level that leads to a more productive and prudent lifestyle.

I know so many black brothers and sisters hurting under the pain of lack knowledge. They have a trade that supplies them with a job but they have no understanding of how to properly manage their lives. What good is money if it is in the hands of people who don’t use their cash for beneficial reasons? It’s pointless.

I’m rambling now…

You knowing both view points know which side I am on based on what I’ve already stated. DuBois of course. I am a advocate for education no matter if it is self education or going to school. An educated person is a educated person! But as I said before, I still admire both individuals for what they have done historically.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on my opinion. Thanks for asking my opinion!