I don’t disagree that a small fraction of them probably are racist, but for the majority, I think the issue was financial distress.
Hi, Tino. Good to see you…haven’t seen you around much.
Randomly Me

Thank you for your response, Randomly Me!

I completely understand what you are saying about a small fraction of people voting for Trump due to financial distress. But is financial distress a suitable reason to vote for Trump? I not going to bash him. There are many things I could say about his actions, words, and character but I’m not. I am in the Army thus means he is my boss. With that being said, I still don’t think financial distress is a suitable reason to vote for a him but everyone has their own reasons behind why they choose to vote for a particular person.

I don’t believe every person who voted for Trump is a racist. That would be completely ignorant on my behalf. My boss voted for Trump and he is no where near a racist. Not even close. But I do believe that a good percentage of people will claim it is about financial distress but at the root of their vote, it is about race. What’s your thoughts on that?

And you are right, generalizing must stop but I promise you that wasn’t my intent. It was only for the individuals who actually acted out of their racist tendencies.

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