I’m so grateful to read this, Tino Hadley.
Randomly Me

Thank you Randomly Me,

I believe love is the scarlet tread in seeing students learn. What I mean is students who have minor learning disabilities just want to feel like they are loved by parents, teachers, or a mentor.. Once they feel and comprehend that they are loved they are open to learning from whomever — that can be good or bad depending on who is the person influencing them.

From what you stated I really feel like you love your students and want what is best for them. You are doing all you can and we need more teachers like you in every school. Keep pushing students to learn. I promise your labor is worth the backlash you get in return.

It’s teachers like you that produce students who blossom into beautiful flowers in the world. Unlike my situation, I feel like I’m a wildflower that grew in a dark corner of a yard with little sunlight. But I’m thankful for my growth even though my roots are somewhat ugly.

I just want to see other kids make it out now. I’ll never allow my children, when I have some, go through what I went through. I mean never!! No kid deserves to be treated like shit.

Not a single one of them.


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