My father was a tinnier, a “sheet metal worker” by trade. He was also a high school drop out. His vocation fed us — a family of 7 — and provided us with comforts unknown to many. He is trade intelligent, and has no shame in his blue collar work.
The North won the War. The South won Reconstruction.
H. Nemesis Nyx

What it do H. Nemesis Nyx,

Thank you for including this information about being “trade intelligent” as it concerns your father. Feeding a house of 7 on one income had to be a hard job in it self. That’s too real! But isn’t this often the case when concerning people who are trade intelligent? They have enough funds to cover their family daily needs but planning for the future (retirement, life insurance, college funds, etc) is out of sight out of mind — in moderation of course. Most often those people are left working the rest of their life for funds that are mediocre because their future were not planned for in the past. Kids can’t afford college. The mother can’t pay for a funeral when her husband dies.. And all other problematic situations that result from being trade intelligent but not being life intelligent. Both are needed but most often only the knowledge of a trade is cared about.

I am all for people learning trades but it hurts my heart when people with so much potential are narrow minded to the fact that they need more knowledge than what a trade offers.. I learned a trade while in high school. It was kind of forced on me by special education teachers because they thought I had no hope of going to an university based on what they perceived by my grades. Where I’m from, Memphis, TN, schools will take you out of the normal classes you need in order to take a trade. I’m pretty sure I needed those other classes and a trade wasn’t a reason to give me a partial education.. That’s another story. Basically what I’m trying to say is I learned a trade and I was pretty good at it but honestly I couldn’t just settle for working a trade a job. I needed more knowledge. And I do believe if I would have worked a trade right out of high school I would either be in jail, have about four or five kids in a small house with three baby mammas, or just be a mediocre individual. This is the kind of things that happen to people who are not educated about how this “thing called life” works. Not saying that they can’t happen to individuals who are educated. On the contrary, knowledge doesn’t equate to wisdom. There are some very smart foolish people in the world.

What are your thoughts on this? Also this is not a shot at your father; he did what he had to do. I respect that!