Women Who Bring Me Joy (mother & sister)


You saw potential

I didn’t know why

But you did

Even when I gave up,

On myself

You remained hopeful

Abortion wasn’t an option

Life would have been easier

If you aborted me.

Your heart wouldn’t let you

Do it

You kept pushing

Even when my father left

You kept going

Even when money got low

You kept grinding

The days when tears streamed

You remained gracious

I am a reflection of

Your sacrifices

You allowed me to live;

I am forever grateful.

How beautiful it is

To see a smile

On your face.

It brings me pleasure

To say I love you,

And that I am

Your son


Not a day goes by

That I don’t pray for you

With much sincerity

I cry out to God for my

Beloved sister.

My hopes and dreams

Are filled

With thoughts of you.

You have grown into

Such a woman.

What a:





And loving

Woman I see in you!

You are one of

My closet friends

When I don’t talk to you

For days

I feel uneasy.

When you hurt

I hurt.

It kills me to see you hurt…

You know I love you

I don’t even have to say it

My actions speak

For themselves.

Just because I want to,

I’m going to say it anyway:

I love you

More than I can ever express

Even when

You think I don’t

(Please don’t think that)

It will never be true.

Life Is Short

We must enjoy the rest of our time on this earth creating memories together. Time expires so quickly! We only have one shot to create as many memories as possible before our time runs out. If we are intentional, we can make this season of our lives more memorable than ever before — I’m sure we will!

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