A digital government strategy that drives transformation

A digital government strategy that drives transformation

No government agency has the luxury to develop a new architecture and infrastructure in attempt to catch-up to their private industry counterparts. Instead, agencies need a solid transformational strategy and a step-by-step implementation roadmap to put them in the position to start meeting citizen expectations and needs.

The strategy needs to consider costs, citizen security, and scalable system integration. Moving forward, these agencies should focus on four key themes in their transformational journey:


Government agencies need to move away from managing fixed-form documents to managing discrete pieces of data and content that can be tagged, shared, secured, reused, and presented in multiple ways.

Shared platform

An agency’s technology focus should move towards an IT infrastructure and online services that enable them to collaborate to reduce technology spend, streamline application development, an provide consistent information.


The starting point for any transformation is with the citizen. This focus on the citizen informs the agency’s focus for creating, managing, and presenting data through websites, mobile, applications, APIs and raw data sets.

Security and Privacy

Agencies have an obligation to ensure the secure delivery and use of digital services to prevent unauthorized access to information, transactions, and applications.