Mom Lesson #6: You Get More Done When You Stop Worrying About Getting More Done

Martin Pigg
May 6, 2016 · 2 min read
Image by Kathryn Cramer Brown

In a previous post, I mentioned that Mom created a lot art with her iPad, because the medium allowed her to work whenever and wherever she wanted to work. And it always seemed like she was busy entering one art show or another. Her final show was a call for artists to create thirty new works in thirty days. It was a daunting challenge for any artist, let alone a 76 year old artist who suffered daily from fibromyalgia.

Mom always met her deadlines, however daunting, because she never got lost in the size of the task. On the days when she was in pain, she either took the day off or reduced her workload significantly. When she felt good and had nothing else on her schedule, she was uber productive. And when she had “to-do’s” to get done, she created art around the margins of her day.

She was so much better at getting her creative work done than me, until the day I realized that she lived by the adage, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Mom excelled at plugging away until she finished her projects. She didn’t ramp up. She didn’t go into hyperdrive. And unlike me, she didn’t believe she needed to be inspired in order to create art. She simply put her butt in the chair and did the work.

Mom understood instinctively that the energy lost to worrying was far greater than the energy cost of creation; and that with more focus on her art than her fear, she could do her work, realize her dreams and live a joy-filled and beautiful life.

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