5 Communication Tips For Introvert Engineers in facing their Clients

As an engineer in a startup, or in a company providing ‘professional services’ to a client, it is very likely that you will need to engage with clients on a regular basis. As engineers, we are often an introverted type…

I’m Martin, the founder of a startup company in the Silicon Valley. Our company, testmunk, helps other companies automate their mobile app testing. To elaborate a bit, we help companies developing mobile apps quickly test their applications on a large set of devices through automation. The point is to help…

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“Nothing is impossible” has become one of my mantras in life, one that I always go back to when I hear from someone that “it’s not technically feasible”, “we can’t achieve this” or “this can’t be done”. I know this is simply…

Martin Poschenrieder

Innovating @Snap. Founded Testmunk. German. YC alum

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