Presentation at the Phonegap developer day

If you are around Salt Lake City on January 29th, come by the Phonegap developer day. There’s a line up with many impressive speakers and interesting topics. I’m excited being part of it and talking about mobile app testing.

Talk: Automated App Testing: A pain or cure?

Talk Description:

You want to ship an app you can be proud of, without bugs or defects. You want it delivered quickly. However, the testing process is looked at as simply a ‘necessary evil’ and there is never enough time in the day to test everything manually. Automated testing claims to be the answer but you’ve found it ‘hard to set up’ and ‘difficult to maintain’. Is going back to pure manual testing the answer? Hiring more resources? What is the right balance between manual and automated testing? Can I make automated testing easier? What are some of the current testing trends? From my experience working with many small and large companies, I hope to share my observations, and answer some of these questions.

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