Is the Developed World Really Developed?

The “developed” world is held up as a shining example of the triumph of economic growth to deliver mankind a future of unlimited happiness- something the struggling billions in poor countries must aspire to.

Yet the image of the developed world marketed to the public, differs vastly from the reality of life within it… for countless millions.

Despite its ignored planet crushing costs, most of the wealth economic growth has generated, even within the developed world, has in fact been delivered to relatively few.

Embedded, but kept from view within this idealised “developed world fantasyland”, there is so much homelessness, drug addiction, mental health problems/youth suicide, poverty & despair… and a middle class increasingly entrapped in real wage decline, debt servitude and growing struggles just to make ends meet. This is reality for so many in the developed world. This is the reality you must not see.

There are only two things growing, within the developed world, the wealth capture at the top, and the suffering below.

The GDP growth based economic system is rotting from the inside out. The impression that the developed world is somehow a place of happiness for all merely an illusion, a lie perpetrated by the owners of capital, to retain support for the system they own and operate. We know that system as “economic growth”.

The utopian idea that one day later this century all 10–12 billion people on planet earth will live the good life, happily consuming, spending, growing the economy in some sort of harmonious relationship between each other and nature is so bizarre as to be nothing short of insane.



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