Perhaps this way:
Perry Gruber

Wow! That was such a clear interpretation of how the ideal society would work. I love how you’ve covered almost ever point I would think of that critics may opt for 😀.

My two questions revolve around the practicality of introducing and maintains the system. Firstly, how would we currently convince those with power and capital wealth to relinquish that in favour of the new currency? My thoughts are perhaps by appealing to their nature for honour or societal acceptance, because after a certain point wealth does just become a means of keeping score.

Secondly, how do you stop the inevitable human trait in most that Nietzsche called the “will to power”. This I would see play out like a communist dictatorship. The payer system would start with the best intentions but then nepotism and greed would mean that those with an increased ability would want more inevitably creating an Neo-Oligarchy.

I do love the idea; however, I always start with a pre-mortem of why the concept won’t work to improve the idea or make corrections ahead of time.

Thanks for sharing!