Weight Lifting Belts — All You Need To Know

Weight Lifting belts Guide

There is a misconception that weight lifting belts are only used for the back support but in reality it helps to add intra-abdominal pressure, to strengthen and support the spine. Commonly used for heavy squats and deadlifts, weight-lifting belts can prevent serious back injuries that can take month to fully recover.

If you are an experienced body builder then you probably know the importance of weightlifting belt. But most of the people who has just started out ask about lifting belts. They want to know if such gym equipment is necessary or is it just a luxury that you can do without. 
Well many fitness experts and professional bodybuilders highly recommend using them in case you are lifting heavy loads and your back is in real stress. It helps your lower back and supports it by equally distributing the weight to upper body.

For Limited Use Only
These gym belts are not to be used in all conditions and workouts. If you do that there is a realistic chance that you lower back will be weakened, making it prone to injuries. Therefor only use them when them when you are putting in extra effort to lift much heavier loads than normal.

Not All Lifting Belts Are Same
There are several kinds of belts that servers differently. So before buying them you must know how it will help you achieve your targets. Amateur body-builders are better off using nylon weightlifting belts because they perform less vigorous workouts but more flexible than leather belts. On the other hand, lifting belts made of genuine leather are thicker, rigid and much heavier than nylon belts. These belts are ideal for professional lifters who lift insane amounts of weight.

Buying Tips
First rule of buying is that it must fit properly around your hips. Normally all the weightlifting belts are made in same size for all. However, it can easily be adjusted according to your size. Also make sure the thickness of the belt is enough to cover your lower back. Belts that are thicker in the middle offers better centralized support. Try several belts before making the final decision.