Is Magento Still Worth Investing In?

Several content management platforms are out now and most of them offer stellar services. With tough competition brimming, is Magento still worth picking? This question has reigned for a long time. The doubts of an open source software being able to top a private and paid app are never ending. However, every time the season of doubt returns, Magento slaps it away! Though old now, it is still packed with amazing features and offers some impeccable services.

Here are 4 reasons why Magento is still healthy and dominating:

Fully Customizable: With thousands of online stores out there, yours can’t afford to look the same as others. Magento offers an arsenal of CSS customization features for websites, no two being the same! Being open source, this is updated periodically so you can always expect something new on the boat.

Mobile Friendly: Being mobile friendly makes Magento one of the best platforms to design a website on. Today mobiles are used more than desktops, which makes it all the more important to have a mobile-friendly site. Magento provides amazing web design tools for mobile standards!

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Product and Store Management: Magento is known as the best platform for its security features. With the latest update, the security has been upped and store owners can manage the complete online platform! From transactions to product details to purchase times, everything is available for the owner’s perusal.

3rd Party Integrations: What makes Magento ever-amazing is their feature to integrate your website with third party applications. The reason this exists is to give users an experience of personalization and help them tailor-make the store as they want to!

With Magento, the possibilities are endless. It has been and will continue to be an amazing platform for ecommerce! If you’re looking to get a Magento powered store, Openwave is ever-ready to deliver you with the best service! Our Magento Developers know the best methodologies to follow to give your website the much needed edge in today’s competitive world. Call us today to know more!