If I had to choose one word to explain why the relationship ended, it would be incompatibility. It was his word. I had never considered it: I thought we had no future because I’m bad at cooking and closing cabinet doors, because of the size of my bones, because I take astrology a little too seriously. Things that could be forgiven, could even be loved. But no, the problem was more fundamental than that. We were born mismatched. It just took me forever to notice because I believed — believe — so deeply that relationships require effort. Showing up. Quieting the voice in your heart that sometimes reminds you, “But maybe this would be a little easier with someone else?”
When We Start Over
Stephanie Georgopulos

This could’ve been words straight from the mouth of my ex. It ended 2 months ago. Becase I gave up on us after 3 years. Because we weren’t compatible. Just took me forever to smell the coffee and pull the plug. Effort is ok, as long as your inner voice tells you it’s worth figthing for.