OutSystems is a Low-code development platform, that enables the rapid development and delivery of web and mobile applications; furthermore, the OutSystems platform is composed by a set of tools that allow managing the full lifecycle of the applications created with the platform. Confused enough? (keep reading…)

Despite all the efforts to demystify the Low-code term, and depending on the type of role and technical knowledge, and how familiar you are with web and mobile technology, becomes easier to explain what is the OutSystems platform and what are the benefits of using the OutSystems vs Traditional development tools and frameworks.

What to do with so many jargons?


Recently I was challenged to build one component using the OutSystems platform.
I wanted to bring something new to the Forge — OutSystems community open repository of reusable application modules, connectors, and components that speed application delivery.
As a web developer I want to keep up and make use of the latest industry trends, so, why not develop something new?

1. The Search

What useful component was missing in OutSystems Forge? How could I contribute with something that was going to help other developers? Actually, this journey of finding purpose was more time-consuming than the actual time I spent developing the component itself.

Daniel Martins

Solution Architect at OutSystems

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