5 Benefits of adding your Android App to 3rd party app store

Martin Selva
Feb 12, 2015 · 3 min read

Before we start reading about the benefits, let’s understand what 3rd Party Apps Stores are.

Any App which gives users a huge catalogue of Apps/Games to download from their own system (Apps not linked back to Google Play Store) and requires no Google login, are 3rd Party app stores.

I would like to recommend a few of my favourite 3rd Party App Store:

  1. Mobogenie
  2. SnapPea ( A.K.A. “Wandoujia” in Chinese Market)
  3. 9Apps
  4. 1Mobile
  5. Amazon

Let’s start with the 5 benefits of putting your App on 3rd Party App Store

1. Easy to submit

Register, Upload & SubmitIt’s mostly free and requires no enrolment fee to get your App Submitted on 3r Party App Store. However, I’ll recommend you to get in touch with the Team who do the App Promotion and App Featuring. The easiest way to get in touch with the team is to either use LinkedIn (Search for Editor or Product Manager) or write to them on Contact Us.

P.S : If you are writing in to a Chinese Team. Try and keep your Sell Sheet simple and in bullet points.

2. Get Organic Downloads

Users who come onto 3rd party app store are known to have a strong appetite for app consumption. This gives you a big opportunity for your apps to be discovered and tried by many users.

3. Speed up your App Growth by Paid Promotion

You can get into CPI/CPS/CPM promotional model with them directly to get your app/game featured on the app Store. On an average, any App Store with decent traffic should give you around 1000 installs/day.

4. Access to Mass Push Notification

One great tool to reach out to a huge audience is through Push notification Services provided by the App Store. Ask for push notification, it’s very difficult to convince them for Push notification but if you are lucky, you'll hit a download(not install) around 30–40k in next 48 hours.

5. Freedom to use more Payment methods

With Google play, a person is restricted to use Google wallet which only supports Credit Card billing. This brings down the ARPU of an App. If you publish your app on an 3rd app Store, take the advantage of incorporating any 3rd party payment service such as CyPay, Boku, Fortumo, iPay (for telco billing) and make it convenient for users. Developers have seen an increase in in-App purchase by almost 8–10% paying users from 2% while using Google Wallet.

Looking at the benefits, every developer/company must plan out their development road map for their product so that it takes maximum advantage of 3rd party App Store.

Things to be ready with:

  1. Separate APK for 3rd party App Store. If you are targetting more than one 3rd party app store, I would suggest that you create seperate build for each App Store.
  2. Tacking: Use tracking system such as MAT, Has offers & AppsFlyer.
  3. Costing and SDK/API: If you plan to use Telco billing, I recommend signing up with Telco Payment aggregator such CyPay, Fortumo or Boku.

Once you are ready, upload your App and take maximum advantage of 3rd party app store!

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