Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles took to the field on Sunday and found themselves in an early 14–0 hole on the road in Detroit. When this happened many of us were excited about one thing. Getting to see the rookie try and battle back from a two touchdown deficit on the road.

If you are wondering how Wentz handled the pressure watch a drive or two from the tape. Other than a couple missthrown balls neither the score nor the noise of the Detroit fans startled this guy. He was audibling at the line, getting his guys lined up, reading the defense. These are the things you can’t teach NFL quarterbacks. His intangibles are what really make this man a vey good quarterback. Although the team came up short due to a late Ryan Mathews fumble, there were alot of good things that came out of the game Sunday for the Eagles. Carson Wentz continuing to show poise trailing on the road was certainly one of them.

As a unit the Philadelphia Eagles played excellent football in the second half. Defense was stellar and the o-line has faired well all season. It will be interesting to see how the Eagles o-line will handle the recent 10 week suspension (substance abuse) of right tackle Lane Johnson. Head Coach Doug Peterson has informed us (Big- V) Vatai will be taking over the starting right tackle job in the mean time.(As he stated earlier in the year in the wake of a Lane Johnson suspension) The rookie 5th round draft pick has excelled through OTA’s and practice. “Big-V” and the Eagles are looking to bounce back in Washington this Sunday for what should be an exciting division game.