Martin Sheldon Thrasher — Sparring Tips For Boxers

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur who is currently the owner of Dixie Exhaust Cleaning, which is a Georgia and Alabama-based fire protection company that has offices in Georgia and Alabama, Martin Sheldon Thrasher is also a former boxing champion. Sparring is essential in the development of young boxers, so try to keep the following in mind to make the most out of your sessions.

Martin Sheldon Thrasher

Stay Calm
While your sparring session should be focused allowing you and your opponent to work on the techniques you have both learned in training, it is still possible that you may become overwhelmed, especially when sparring against more talented opposition. As such, it is important that you remain calm at all times, to prevent overreactions that could cause injury to you or your partner.

Keep Things Simple
While sparring will offer you the chance to work on more complicated techniques when needed, it is most useful for helping you to refine the basics of boxing to the point where they become second nature to you. Listen to your coaches and keep training the basic jabs, hooks and defensive techniques that you have learned.

Have A Goal
Martin Sheldon Thrasher is a former championship boxer who has a lot of experience of sparring sessions. Such sessions will often prove fruitless if you do not have a goal in mind when you head into them. Ideally you should have a technique in mind that you want to improve when heading into the session, such as working on your uppercut or trying to improve your footwork. Communicate this to your partner and coaches so that you can use your sparring session effectively.