Martin Sheldon Thrasher: Tips to Help You Take Care of a Persian Cat

Martin Sheldon Thrasher successful businessman and entrepreneur in Georgia. He has many interests that he enjoys doing with his family. He is the owner of a Persian cat and enjoys spending time playing and grooming this popular pet.

The Persian cat is known for its long hair and popularity at animal shows. Proper care and grooming is an important part of owning this type of feline. Here are some tips for how to properly take care of a Persian cat.


Persian cats have thick coats of long hair that need to be brushed regularly. This helps to prevent the matting of their fur and knots from being formed. When you use a fine wire brush, you can control the volume of shedding.

Dental Care

Periodontal disease is a common ailment of Persian cats and can cause various organ problems. It is important that you frequently brush their teeth to remove plaque and tartar.

Caring for their Claws

Like all cats, the claws of the Persian cat need to be clipped and trimmed frequently. A playful cat, Persians can unintentionally scratch your belongings during playtime if you don’t keep their claws maintained.

Clean their Noses

Due to their flat faces, Persian cats often suffer from breathing difficulties. To help prevent further breathing problems it is important to clean their noses regularly and make sure there is no food or dirt obstructing their nostrils.

If you regularly follow these tips, your Persian cat can live up to fifteen years. Martin Sheldon Thrasher is diligent in keeping his Persian cat clean and feed, hoping to have his feline companion for many years to come.

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