Fintech Key Trends 2014
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As a short overview

The platform has two main functions:

1. Investments can be classified (as are products on eBay), and you can specify your supply or demand and give other users the opportunity to search for investments according to given criteria.

Additionally, you can make a request for proposal (RFP) within the given criteria, and potential suppliers can state which kind of RFP they are willing to receive.

Classifications for investments fall under the following categories (with respective subcategories):

- Asset classes, with sub criteria

- Investment vehicles (incl. consulting, congress, and research)

- Liquidity (type of market)

- Investment focus

- Investment form (active/passive, especially for funds)

- Legal distribution structures (countries for qualified/unqualified investors, minimal investments, etc.), currencies, fees, track records, etc.

2. Users can mutually connect with one another on the platform. This functionality is similar to that of LinkedIn, focusing on criteria relevant to the investment industry. (At registration, you can choose who will be able to see your information.)

The criteria are as follows:

- Are you already connected with other users on SMARTMONEYMATCH?

- What type of user are you (general demander/investor or supplier, e.g., asset manager)?

- If an investor, are you a qualified/accredited investor?

- What are your assets under management (AUM)? As an investor, you can choose whether or not you want to reveal this information at registration.

- What type of investor are you?

- What is your country of residence?

- In what languages can you communicate?

- Are you making any business trips? For example, in your profile, you can indicate when you are in which countries/cities at what time so other users can have the opportunity to search according to these criteria and facilitate meetings.

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