We are missing 200+ people in Estonian Startups

Martin Sokk
May 25, 2016 · 3 min read

I love startup scene — that restless environment, fabulous people and strong focus on mission. Really exciting place to be… but somehow we still have 200+ open job position. What's up with that?

When I asked around, I got 2 answers:

  1. “Startups are for programmers” — no they are not. Startups offer variety of different positions e.g customer support, operations, finance and accounting, compliance, product management, sales and much more.
  2. “I have no idea what startups are there” — That might be true. Startup world can be quite well hidden if you are not actively participating in it. You might have heard about TransferWise or Pipedrive but only because they have been super successful and constantly in media.

I took some time to look around job market and try to answer these two questions. Not an easy task as there are no single source for job market overview.

Fortunately Garage48 has created wonderful collection of Estonian Startups and I used that to find open positions from startups homepages.

Lets dig in…

Top5 offer more than half of the open job positions = 53.4%
TransferWise, Taxify, Pipedrive, Guardtime, Testlio

Engineering and sales account for 56.9% of total jobs. Debunks myth that only programmers work in startups, 62,4% of the positions do not require writing code.

(disclaimer: probably 50/50 is more accurate number as companies use often one job ad for multiple engineering positions)

Estonian startups offer positions in 21+ different countries o.O

and in 27+ different cities

and finishing it up with some nice scattered overview

Hopefully this helps to get a better understanding who is hiring and what kind of jobs are out there.

Link to raw data, have fun https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-cha-0FRbKhNnRUX_9vsYmUbsrTwFgvFsGx5S_5wxIA/edit#gid=2030765615