Are You Selling Them a Problem?

Did a coaching session the other day, which gave me a stupid-useful insight you might find handy.

I was asked: “Martin, I have the hardest time recruiting people for these franchise opportunities. What do you suggest?”

I had him explain his process to me, and when he was done, I told him:

“Stop trying to sell people a problem”.

Obviously he was confused, because what he’s selling is actually a great opportunity.

But for whom?

Because to start a franchise, even if the cost to entry is $0, means that you’re taking on a huge, enormous, all-consuming ‘problem’.

You know this, since you’re an entrepreneur. Building and growing and running a venture is HARD work and will be so for many years.

To 99.99% of the population, that’s a ‘hell no!’ kind of problem.

It’s only for the daring, the crazy, the true, heart&soul entrepreneurs.

Starting a business, of any kind, takes a very special kind of person.

The kind of person who LOVES big hairy complex enduring problems.

An entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t just accept the ‘problem’ of being in business — people like us, whether consciously or not, we love problems. Getting our hands dirty, extracting every ounce of creative problem-solving we have in us.

So this franchiser, his solution is simple: go present the option to just that kind of person. Skip talking to anyone who is the employee-type, and not the entrepreneur type.

But what about you?

I’ll assume your work is excellent, worth the money, and yet… why are not more people buying your thing?

Could it be that, in the buyer’s perception, buying your stuff somehow represents or causes a problem?

Think about it: what, in your offer and your marketing, could be problematic for the buyer, in some way?

Sure, ‘finding the money’ or ‘am I willing to part with that cash’ is a possible problem, but beyond that:

In what other ways might you, unwittingly, be selling a problem?

If you’ve felt stuck in your business, and if you just can’t figure out how to increase sales, a conversation about that might lead to a breakthrough.

Want to find out?

Let me know.

(And the only ‘problem’ I’m ‘selling’ you here, is for you to show up and spend one or two hours in conversation. Not that big a problem, right?

K, talk soon.



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