Foundations of a Healthy Business: Two Questions You MUST Ask Yourself

Martin Stellar
Jan 30 · 2 min read

It’s the most fundamental question in any business, and yet: it’s one of the questions easiest to skip over (scary how often people have no answer to it!):

Why should people do business with you?

In other words, why you? What’s unique about you? Why are you the best choice for specific people, or differently: what’s your Unique Selling Proposition?

Until you know the answer to that, you’ll find it real hard to land clients.

And no, “Because my training rocks”, “Because I have credentials”, or “Because I’m awesome” are not correct answers.

The only correct answer to ‘why you?’ is the one that answers the question your buyers ask: “What’s in it for me?”

The second question to ask yourself:

If people are not doing business with me now, why should they?

See, unless you have answers to these questions, you’re essentially a solution looking for a problem to solve, and I explained a while back how that’s a tough battle to fight.

But once you know your USP, and how to communicate it clearly, you’ll find that the wrong kind of clients stay away, and the right kind of clients are much more open to learning more about what you do.

So, since I like to ‘learn my readers’:

Why should people do business with you?



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