Grinch Stole My Tuesday (So This Is Your Very Last Chance)

You know how sometimes halfway through the week, an entire day has disappeared?

Happened to me yesterday, when I wrote my daily email.

Thinking Wednesday was two days off — and this morning I awake:

Hello Wednesday.

Which means I didn’t get to tell you all the ins and outs of the masterclass, before the price goes up.

So I’ll extend the deadline one more day: Tomorrow, it’s $99 instead of $49.

Making this your last chance to get 2,5 hours of hard-teaching on marketing and building a prosperous business.

My 20 years of study and experience in psychology, communication and business, all compressed into 2,5 hours.

AND: I’ll give you a completely free strategy session on skype — but I’ve limited availability. So you might want to grab your seat before they run out.

And this is a comment I received from an artist in Japan about the masterclass:

“Final word: Many thanks for the video seminar, really enjoyed it and got a lot from it.
 ~ Gareth Naylor, Watercolour artist,”

This is what you’ll find inside, all 9 modules and the full content outline:

*** Too long, didn’t read: go here to get a free 20-minute sample and checkout details: ***

Module 1: The importance, ethics and fundaments of marketing
 * Why art must get sold

* Why marketing is not unethical if you do it right

* The mechanics of marketing and sales: People must know you, like you, and trust you before they’ll decide to buy

* Relationships and conversations: a sale always happens inside a conversation

* Content marketing: Promotion and marketing with intrinsic value (“I’d pay for that”)

* Why marketing is like dating

* Don’t try to sell: facilitate buying instead

* A short word on resonance

Module 2: Making marketing fun and easy: The L.E.A.P. Art Marketing System Explained (Listen, Explain, Ask, Profit)

* Start with fun: choosing methods and channels you know you’ll enjoy

* The right attitude when learning: ‘Ok, so how…’ vs ‘Yes, but…’

* Where and how to Listen

* What to Explain, and how

* What to Ask, when, and how

* How to make sure you Prosper

* The emancipated artist: Agency and independence vs gatekeepers and permission-givers

* The importance and ethics of running a profitable creative business

Module 3: A healthy business: audience, sales funnels, and building a list

* It begins by creating a strategy, the tactics come later

* Testing and becoming antifragile

* Building a list: skip this, and you’re going nowhere fast

* What a sales funnel is: concentric circles of proximity

* Showing up to OPA (Other People’s Audience)

* How to bring people from one circle to the next and get them closer to buying from you

* Who are you for? Being extremely specific about your ideal customer

Module 4: Staying sane: habits, routines, and studio time vs business work

* Like it or not, you are a business owner and must behave like one

* Creation time and business work: plan time to work ON your business as well as IN your business

* The massive power and creative freedom that comes with building habits

* The 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) and making tough choices

* Progress vs results: incremental growth and habit stacking

* Measurement, milestones and achievements

* Planning and fluent adaptation

Module 5: Your mindset and the hero’s journey

* Why people buy the artist as well as the art

* A look inside your kitchen: showing your work but also your process

* How you too have a hero’s journey, even if you’re just a regular person

* Thinking about how you think: GiGo (from the programming world: garbage in, garbage out)

* The magic aura of ‘the artist’

* Inviting people along for the ride

* Building relationships, a fanbase, and brand ambassadors, by being yourself

Modue 6: The importance of writing or other kinds of content creation

* The ‘yes-ladder’

* Reciprocity

* The importance of knowing which problem you solve for people

* Jay Bear: become a Youtility

* Practice writing to become better at email communications

* Neurochemistry, resonance and the brain

* Self-confidence vs arrogance

* Resonance and trust

Module 7: Beliefs, perception, opportunities and creating luck

* Building self-confidence one step at a time

* ‘Act as if’ instead of ‘fake it till you make it’

* The total illusion of the reality we see

* Facebook and Google: The content bubble — engineered perception bias

* Everything is propaganda and why you must work with that instead of ignoring it

Module 8: Strategy vs tactics

* Planning, strategy, measurement and progress

* Optin incentives for building an email list

* Asking for the sale

* How to use social media effectively

* Optimising your website for conversions

* Pricing strategies: Robert Gen’s ten commandments of art pricing

* Oxytocyn and resonance

* Content curation as a strategy for growing a social media presence and following

* Social osmosis: show me your friends and I’ll show you your future

* Email marketing

Module 9: Putting it all together: how to quickly build a plan, test it, and keep improving it over time

* Identify your core strength and develop a primary offer around it

* Identify the kind of customer who needs it most

* Research: where do they congregate so that you can show up for them?

* Listen to their needs and take note of the words they use

* Explain how you can solve their problem with your creative work by using the same words they use

* Ask them to reply, to sign up for your list, ask them if they want to buy

* Prosper: Creating offers, packages and prices that allow you to grow your business

Is it a lot?

Yes it sure is.

And there’s more:

Remember that if you advantage of this offer before 9AM Europe time/ Midnight PST, it’ll only be $49, AND you might get a free strategy session.

So now’s your chance…

Go here to get in on the goodies:



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