One of the Most Important Attributes You Need for Achieving Success

Martin Stellar
Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest things to skip over.

Self-awareness. It rocks.

It helps you take control over your emotions, your reactions, your opinions and beliefs and relationships…

It increases your emotional intelligence, gets you in touch with your intuition…

In short, it’s like a secret weapon because it affects you on many different levels.

And the more self-awareness you have, the sooner and more radically you get to remove the inner obstables to becomeing successful.

IF you dare though.

Because self-awareness is confrontational, it highlights your strong sides as well as your shortcomings.

Not for the faint of heart.

Which is ok for you, because if you read me, I doubt you’re a weakling. You wouldn’t put up with me if you were.

I realised its importance at a business meetup yesterday, where I told someone that I’m ‘the monk for entrepreneurs’.

His eyes lit up, and he started telling me about how he once went on a 4-day silent retreat, which he found extremely difficult yet very rewarding.

Really helped him to get to know himself better.

Silence does that for you.

And as I heard him talk about his experience, suddenly something flashed up in my mind.

Because ever since I started coaching entrepreneurs, I’ve been asking myself what it is that I do, specifically

How do I tell, succinctly, what my work does?

In other words: what am I for?

It’s this:

I’m the monk for entrepreneurs. I help people create massive change, by teaching how you can become ruthlessly self-aware.

And everyone I work with and develops ruthless self-awareness ends up better because of it.

Want some of that?

K. Come and get it.



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    Martin Stellar

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    Copywriter, ex-monk, marketer, singer, recovering artisan. Lover of life, helper of people.

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