The Nebulous Nature of My Services… Explained!

The other day a reader wrote in to let me know that one of the reasons she hasn’t decided yet to work with me, is: “the nebulous nature of my services”.

Well, if that’s the case, clearly some ‘splaining is in order.

So, here’s what I do/offer:

- Copy fix: An affordable rewrite of your about page or landing page. You send me a link or document with your text, and I’ll rewrite it for you.

Given that I used to be a copywriter, that means you’ll get copy (text) that’s rewritten with the express purpose of engaging your site visitor, so that they’ll want to take action, i.e. sign up for your list.

- Conversion optimisation report:

This is when I analyse your site, and create a custom report.

It’s two pages (or more), filled with tips and tweaks that you can implement on your website.

The purpose of it is for a higher percentage of visitors to turn into subscribers and/or buyers.

And, it can have pretty nice effects, too.

Said Paula Mould, after I’d given her a few tips:

“So I’ve spent some time changing up my site based on our conversation. As I changed it, I watched my bounce rate on my home page go from 80% to 20%”

Where bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave without taking action.

So yeah, a conversion optimisation report helps, a lot.

- Email marketing mentorship

We spend three months, and you get expert training on how to write engaging emails, blazingly fast.

These daily missives I send?

They usually take me 15 minutes to write, no more.

And if you’re able to write letters or emails that people like, and you have something to say, you too can reach that kind of speed.

Not to mention the engagement and sales.

It’s a high-intensity program though, requiring you to put in time 5 days a week, consistently for three months.

Which might seem like hard work, but the upshot is that in less than three months, you’ll acquire a writing skill that will serve you for life, any time you need

to write.

Blog posts, email marketing, inquiries… you’ll have no problem writing it down, persuasively, engagingly, and fast.

Finally, there’s:

- Coaching

This is where it’s much less about technical and consulting-type help.

Instead, coaching is:

Where we work on the in-here, to get your work out there.

So we have deep inner work conversations, so as to uncover limiting beliefs and change them.

We look at your vision and mission, your mindset and skillset.

And, we deal with energy: how do you manage it, which people and places and things either give you energy, or rob you of it, and how do you deal with those?

The goal of coaching is to create change on a deep level of your existence, so that you become more focused, effective, happy, productive, and ultimately, more prosperous.

Like Johan Cruijff put the hardly respected and almost forgotten Catalunia province in Spain on the map by coaching the football team, my goal as a coach is to put you on the map.

Inner work, the kind that changes you for life (and in a good way, of course!)

Not that I’m saying you need to change — only you can decide that.

But if you want your results or your life to change, that can only happen when first, you change.

And that’s where I can help. IF you want change.

So that’s what I do, these are my services.

If you were unclear about it, I hope the fog has lifted.

But if you have any questions about how it works, just let me know.



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