The Problem With Complex Things

“I want to be a coach”, she says.

“It’s becoming really popular here in Spain”.

I smile and think that this is a good thing.

Because the way I see it, everybody should have a coach.

The effect it has on one’s life is amazing and large and life-changing.

The more coaches in the world, the better.

It’s not always easy though, so I tell her:

“It’s fun work, but it’s complex”.

To which she replies: “I like complex things”.

And I wonder: with that attitude, things could easily get complicated for her.

Because complex things aren’t bad, but they just so easily can turn into complicated things.

And complicated things are a whole bunch of no fun, in my opinion.

I’ll go for simple over complex any day of the week.

For example, when applied to your business.

Do you want it complex, potentially complicated — or would you rather have it simple?

If the latter, here’s what a simple business setup looks like:

1: Have something people already want.

2: Have a website that showcases what you do, and where you show enough of yourself for people to be able to relate to you. That website is the hub of a wheel.

3: The spokes of the wheel are the various ways in which you attract people to your website. Social media, ads, brochures, books you publish, speaking gigs, charity contributions — whatever method is best for you to get in front of the right audience.

4: Make your website’s primary mission to invite people to sign up to your list.

5: Communicate in ways that are valuable with your list, by way of email. Can be written, videos, audio recordings — whatever it is you prefer: create something that helps people and that asks for the sale. Communicate with consistent frequency — once a week at a minimum, but once a day is better.

Keep driving people to your site, and keep talking to your list, until you reach velocity.

Meaning, until the size of your list is big enough, and the relationship with your subscribers strong enough, for them to want to do business with you.

There. A simple, adaptable, testable business model, built for growth and prosperity.

And without any risk of getting complex or complicated.

And fun too: you won’t believe how wonderful it is when people start to reply to your emails — either with money in hand, or simply with positive feedback and thanks.

You get to show up with helpful and inspiring information, and you get to make a living because of it — what could be better?

Hm. Maybe having a coach to guide you through the process — maybe that would be better?

Let me know if that’s what you want…



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Coach and consultant for ethical sales & business growth. Ex-monk, former copywriter, author, trainer.

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