Tricky Business: Learning, Action, and Comfort Zones

Hey, learning is good. Learning should never stop.

But learning without implementation is pointless, it’s an academic exercise.

If you want to build something, you need to know how to do it, and then you need to actually do the building.

But it’s very easy to get stuck in learning mode.

“I’m working on my business, see?

“I’m learning all this really useful stuff, which I need in my business!

“This is crucial information!”

And it is. IF you plan to put the information to use.

Because if you’re not careful, you can end up stuck in learning mode, and then learning becomes a comfort zone.

And the problem is aggravated by all those businesses that keep putting out trainings and webinars and courses.

Telling you that THIS is the key to a profitable business, so son’t miss out.

That you need their training, or you’ll never make it.

They play on FOMO — the fear of missing out.

Which marketers and psychologists know is a very powerful tool.

There’s nary a more powerful motivator than loss-aversion.

I’m thinking about one guy in particular.

He teaches people how to become a successful self-published author.

And his stuff is good, the teachings are real and useful.

But he’s a clever marketer and a really aggressive one at that.

Keeping people in a state of wanting more of the free stuff, more and more and more.

Creating an addiction to signing up to ever more free training.

And while his audience is stuck in the very comfortable learning mode, he aggressively markets his paid products.

Just one example of many.

Don’t fall for it.

You know what to do: you need to take action.

And if you really aren’t clear on which action to take, that’s when you do yourself some googling, and you apply ‘just in time learning’.

Or you talk to me and I help you figure out what to do.

Not because without me you can’t, or won’t succeed, but just because I’ve been an entrepreneur for a decade and I can help you make useful and efficient decisions, and avoid the mistakes that I’ve made.

But on your own, you’ll also get there. Maybe not as fast, but you’re perfectly qualified and equipped to build and run a sustainable business.

Just so long as you keep taking action, instead of staying stuck in learning.

As my client Leigh likes to say: Action stations, action stations.



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