Importance of measuring axle correctly when getting a replacement

If you are thinking of replacing your current trailer axle with something better and newer, it is important you take accurate and correct measurements of the current one. Otherwise, your replacement might not work out. Generally or in most of the cases measuring spring seat and basic hub face correctly can ensure a perfect axle replacement, if the measurement process was flawless. But, that is not true in all the cases. Some trailers have quite tight specifications and that means that your trailer axle could have been manufactured at the least length needed so the frame is cleared by the tires. Your trailer tires’ location is determined by your trailer axle’s length. And, that is why when your trailer axle is too short the possibility of your trailer tires rubbing on your trailer’s frame increases. On the other hand, sometimes the trailer axle length is built in the maximum length. Safety of a range of operations by axles can be determined with the comparison of Hub Face and Leaf Spring Centers of the axle. That means, if the spring Centers and Hub face are close to each other, the trailer frames may be rubbed on by the tires and if the Hub Face is rather distant an unwanted leverage might cause the axle beam to damage pre-maturely. That is why it is important to measure trailer axles in correlation to the measurement of Leaf Spring Center also.

What else apart from measurement is to be taken care of when replacing trailer axle?

Generally, you will need to replace your trailer axle because of impact damage or corrosion. If the replacement due to corrosion, is almost all of the cases many other suspension hardware will need repairing as well. The best thing to do would be to go through all the components in your trailer’s suspension system to make sure if anything is rusted or needs repair. Also, the very first thing when you decide to replace your trailer’s axle would be to find a reliable trailer parts dealer in your area or better a dealer that can give you home delivery services, look for reputable and reliable trailer parts Perth service provider, if you live in Perth.

Right from the trailer frame and going down to Leaf Spring Hangers, check your trailers’ suspension system carefully. The Leaf Spring Hanger of your trailer holds axle, Leaf Spring and also wheels and tires in their place, so obviously it is an important component. You should inspect your trailer’s bolts for leaf spring mounting next. Next, for those who own a two axles trailer or a tandem axle trailer, it is important you check your trailer’s equalizer bars. If you go through this process thoroughly when replacing your trailer axles then you will get better performance and no near future damage as well.