Introducing ReacType 17.0 — Your React App without the Dev Time

Victor Martins
3 min readSep 8


Hello there, developers! If you’ve been looking for a tool that takes some of the grind out of coding, letting you focus on the creative parts, then we have something for you. Meet ReacType 17.0. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, this update is bound to elevate your workflow. Read on to discover why ReacType 17.0 is making waves in the dev community.

Why do you need a Prototyping Tool?

For most developers, time is of the essence. Building every component from scratch, writing endless lines of code, and debugging are essential parts of the job, but they’re also incredibly time-consuming. This is where a prototyping tool can work wonders. It gives you a head start, allowing you to visualize how your app will look and behave, without requiring you to write the full code. Think of it as drafting an outline for an essay — it saves time and gives direction to your project.

What is ReacType?

ReacType is an exceptional prototyping tool designed specifically for React applications. The tool streamlines the development process, making it easier for you to build, test, and deploy your apps. With ReacType, you can generate a fully-fledged React app through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, complete with downloadable code.

What does ReacType 17.0 offer?

ReacType 17.0 features a wide variety of exciting features, including a collaboration-focused React component marketplace! Let’s dive right into the features:

UI Overhaul

  • We’ve jazzed up the user interface with a modern, aesthetic design that’s not just eye-candy but also enhances the developer experience.
  • More responsive feedback alerts now keep you informed when projects are published, cloned, or deleted.

New Marketplace Feature

  • The Marketplace is a communal area for developers to share their projects, offering a plethora of templates and inspiration.
  • Developers can peruse public marketplace projects and clone them into their accounts, make changes, and republish updated components.
  • Added search functionality allows you to search projects by username and project name.

Improved User Feedback

  • We also added user feedback to show when a component has been published successfully and when a component has been deleted successfully.

Development and Improvements!

Typescript and Testing Coverage

  • Version 17 has expanded its Typescript support, allowing you to write safer and more reliable code.
  • We’ve also improved our testing coverage to include the newly added marketplace components. We’re at a solid ~ 60%.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Our team has done some serious housekeeping. We’ve cleared hundreds of lines of outdated code and resolved several bugs, making the software more efficient.
  • We added extra logic to handle edge cases, especially in the state manager. Now it’s even more robust!

Website Overhaul

  • The website is revamped for an even better user and developer experience built with Next.js. This features a 48% increase in Accessibility, 13% increase in Best Practices and 25% increase in SEO.

Improved CSS and Code Preview Editor

  • The preview editor now boasts enhanced capabilities, offering intellisense and auto-suggestion.

Where Can I Try ReacType 17.0?

Eager to try ReacType? Just head over to our official website ReacType 17.0 Contributors.

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