Creating zillions of new jobs with a realtime stock exchange for people and jobs

Just a few days ago SelfieJobs launched Europes first live exchange of labor and jobs. Just like a real stock-exchange bids are placed and basic data is transparent and available for everyone. With this new regime both application, basic data about the jobseeker and the salary bid is live to create more speed and visibility in the matching process. Ultimately we believe this will create massive amount of new jobs and internships.

Selfiejobs has been on the market more then 2 years with what was originally a Tinder for jobs solution similar to the ones from Jobs2day, Snagajobs etc. We are all challenging the incumbents of Monster, Arbeitsvermittlung, Careerbuilder etc. Just a year ago we changed the path and we are now the largest private marketplace of job for young people in Sweden. SelfieJobs has been different from the start in several ways. Where our competitors want to know as much as they can about the jobseekers we want less. We are focusing on a few words, location and photos/video.

-Competence. Measured with a few words about current and previous jobs and skillsets. In the extreme version we catch just one word. This is the case for immigrants where we ask about “what was your occupation back home”. If answer is “car repair” its a good enough for us to start match internships

-Location. We display jobs nearby as everyone else.

-Personality. Pictures, videos and slideshows is part of what makes SelfieJobs fun.

Finally we thought all this should be visible for the world once you are out hunting for a job. So we stripped away last name, birth-data, exact adress etc and made the CV open. So why is salary bids so important? Simple put: we don´t want people to waste time going for interview without knowing the salary and other relevant information that could be known instantly. In order not to anger unions etc we will place a opt out function in the system.

Curious how this works. Have a look on the link below or create an ad yourself. Starting at 0:- we want this live across Europe right now.

Martin Tall Founder and CEO SelfieJobs.

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