Top 3 Best Airbnb Clone Scripts of 2017

Airbnb clone scripts are suitable to create any type of rental websites. There are lot of Airbnb clone scripts are available in the market. Each one comes with different advantage to boost your rental websites. For example, Better frontend for Users, Robust admin panel to manage everything & Developer friendly tech-stack to make customization easier.

Before we dive into the rating of our airbnb clone scripts, let’s explore what type of rental platforms are very popular to use these Airbnb clone scripts.

  • Vacation Rental Websites
  • Yacht Charter or Boat Rental Websites
  • Co-working Space Websites
  • Car Rental Websites
  • Ride Share Websites
  • Equipment Rental Websites
  • Food Sharing Websites
  • Bike Sharing Websites

This rating is totally based on few important factors,

  • Performance
  • User Friendliness
  • Responsive & Clean Design
  • Technologies Used
  • SEO Optimization
  • Code Quality & Maintenance
Let’s take a look at our picks of top 3 Airbnb clone scripts.

1. RentALL — A Mobile Friendly Airbnb Clone Script

RentALL — Airbnb Clone Script claims to be the most advanced Airbnb clone script in the market. RentALL is packed with cutting edge technologies like Nodejs, Reactjs and GraphQL to compete with other players.

You can try the demo here,

Here are the value proposition from RentALL,

  • Ultra Fast — RentALL is using Nodejs + ReactJs + GraphQL make things faster
  • SEO Friendly — RentALL is SEO optimized
  • Better User Experience — RentALL followed Airbnb’s footpath to built its complex User interfaces with Reactjs
  • Clean Design — Big brands are using and moving on to Clean design from traditional clumsy design. RentALL comes with a clean design & Component based UI.
  • Mobile Friendly — RentALL position itself as Mobile Friendly Airbnb Clone Script. Mobile experience seems to be good and it behaves like a mobile app on mobile browsers
  • Modern Technologies — RentALL created with modern technologies like Nodejs, Reactjs, Expressjs, GraphQL, PostCSS, Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5
  • Scalable — RentALL design to scale. Most of the Airbnb Clone Script stops at creating Minimum Viable Product but very few Airbnb clone scripts focusing on Scale
  • Code Maintenance — RentALL is using isomorphic that means, sharing the same code for client and server that makes developers life easier to do Code maintenance

2. Makent — Laravel Based Airbnb Clone Script

Makent — Airbnb clone script is built top of Laravel PHP framework with MySQL database. They have leveraged the benefits of Laravel framework to built its advanced features like Search listing with filters and Create listing options. Makent is used for various rental platforms similar to Airbnb.

You can try the demo here,

3. Airfinch — PHP based Airbnb Clone Script

Airfinch uses PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and HTML5. It comes with clean design and easy to use interface. It comes with three different packages with options of support and code ownership. It can be used to create any type of rental websites.

You can try the demo here,

So, what do you think about these Airbnb Clone Scripts? If you have already tried any of these Airbnb Clone Scripts, share your thoughts.