Yesterday we added our sign, our logo to our building. This video explains the intentions behind the logo. This video is part of my ongoing series on Youtibe called One Minute Architecture. Making videos for me, an architect, is an alternative, rather clumsy and lazy way of avoiding to write a philosophical treatise on the deeper meaning of ( among other things) this logo, "our visual cornerstone of our company's brand".

I think the logo is funny, maybe even memorable. Ten years ago it took me ten minutes to make the it. And now, now it is hanging on our building; a poodle wearing a crown, walking upright. His little penis and paws pointing the way forward. Forward to the next project with an almost unlimited budget, in which we make such beautiful drawings it will moisture the eyes of the contractors.

If Roland Barthes lived today he would be making videos on Youtube too (but much better than me).

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