Having A Wonderful And Talented Workmates Eliminates The Stress In Your Work

We all know that working can be so tiring and we all know that waking up early in the morning is the hardest thing to do! especially when it’s Monday. I’m not a morning person and it’s very hard for me to wake up early but guess what? I can proudly say to all of you that I never had a record of tardiness in my entire life! *ehem* I’m a good employee *ehem again*

Working can be stressful in many different ways. Like dealing with different people in your office, extending your patience to its limit, meeting deadlines and much more. But if you are working something you love, something you know you’re good at… your office can be a place where you can find happiness and joy.

I work as a Graphic Artist in a BPO company for 2 years already. I remembered taking the exam without a 100% knowledge in using the Adobe Illustrator, it was the most challenging exam ever but thank God, I manage to finish the exam and got hired the same day of my application and today, I can say that I love Illustrator more than Photoshop. But to be fair, I love them both haha.

Your working place (or your office) can be a source of knowledge. You can learn new different techniques, new skills, new design elements, and much more (it feels like you’re still schooling haha). You are surrounded by different persons with different levels of knowledge when it comes to graphic design. Their talent and skills will definitely inspire you and what’s good about it? they can teach you and share with you all their knowledge.

Looking back to my previous designs I can say that I really lack the creativeness in creating a good or eye-catching design for advertising. But luckily, your workmates are there to help you.

It feels good to wake up early in the morning knowing that today you will learn new different things again. I think, what I like about my workmates/friends is that… We all know that we are all a work in progress. No one is good enough and we are all the same.

We help each other, we don’t compete.

Yes, working for 5 days straight, waking up early in the morning, dealing with the traffic and going home tired and sleepy can be stressful or tiring but we all know that working is so much fun if you are surrounded by amazing and talented workmates. Kudos everyone for making this career a wonderful one!

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