10 things you need to know about Zoosk before you sign up

martin velly
Aug 30 · 3 min read

Zoosk is a dating site and has millions of users all around the world. For those who are not familiar with this name, here are few things you should know about it.

Zoosk is a dating website and has 3.8 million visits in a month on an average. Many singles find their real-time matches here and get a long-term relationship.

You can sign up very easily and quickly. It is free and finds your match in just few seconds. Create a profile and login by signing up through the site, Facebook, Google +, or the app. Just fill out basic information like gender, gender preference, birthday, and location. It is not compulsory to upload your photo or fill your whole profile. If you want you can add it later.

Its membership is free and members can make a profile, upload photos, search and see who is online for zero balance. You can even send virtual winks and receive chat requests and messages. For paid membership, you have an advantage to receive and send IMs and messages. You can boost up your profile so that it appears higher in Zoosk search results.

Zoosk also provide photo verification service if you want to prove that it is your original pic. Once your photo is checked, you will get a green photo verified badge. This is done to showcase the user’s authenticity.

You can browse your Zoosk profile in many ways. You can use filters to select your age, location, religion or height preference. Search for singles in carousel where you will get one member at a time, who will say No, Maybe or Yes.

It has millions of active users as it provides many options for users. You can browse through singles very easily. You will easily find people with same interests.

Zoosk offers coins for purchasing gifts. It’s a form of virtual currency. These coins let us access Zoosk gifts like digital roses, teddy bears, or chocolates. You will get delivery confirmation via message.

Its Matchmaking and Smart Pick technologies make it stand out as a dating site. Zoosk uses algorithm to study on-site behavior of the user based on the messages, likes and dislikes, and recommend Smart Pick matches.

You can use its services in 25 different languages that include French, Spanish, Brazilian, and Korean. More languages are being added to expand its use among other territories also.

If you don’t want to continue using this service, you have an option to cancel the Zoosk account. Steps are simple just go to account settings and then edit. Click on deactivate and confirm by clicking on “Deactivate Zoosk account”.

Is there any option to keep my profile private or public?

Your profile on Zoosk is private and only other Zoosk members can view it by logging in the app. You can hide your Zoosk profile by using the options like pause your account or Hide & Seek upgrade. Hide & seek upgrade doesn’t let others know that you have viewed their profile. There are three levels of visibility in Hide & Seek.

Hide: only people you message can see you.

Seek: you are fully visible and other users will know you have viewed their profile.

Sneak: you are fully visible and check out others but they won’t know you have viewed them.

What should I do when I forget Zoosk password?

In case you forget your Zoosk password, you can easily recover it using your registered email address. To solve the issue of “Zoosk login forgot password”, see the below method.

Go to Zoosk login page.

Next click on Forgot password. A URL will open.

Type your email address and click on submit.

You will get a mail on your registered email. Open that mail and follow the instructions to reset your Zoosk forgot password. It will take one to two minutes.

For any other queries, contact Zoosk helpline.

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