One could also argue that the sun is powered by GE, but that too is patently false.
Scott Widener

If you can tell me the name of one dictator who didn’t exploit the economy and employ his wealth (be it private or government funding) to maintain his position and power in the face of public suffering, I will concede your point.

The reality is, however, that all of them exploited concepts of capitalism to achieve what they did. Digging your head in the sand and pretending that they would’ve had any power without that is just blatantly wrong. Distribution of wealth and manipulating the market was a significant benefit to any dictator’s reign, which are the same methods employed by the wealthy today. The result of which leaves the poor poorer and less able to help themselves, while it makes the wealthy richer.

Regardless, my point wasn’t to present socialism as the end all solution or even glorify it. My point is really that all of these isms are bad, even capitalism, and that all of them carry traits from the others. They’re all mutually derivative of each other. I apologize for not making that clear in my original response.