I regret having bought the iPhone X

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6s Plus to an iPhone X. But I regret it.

Sure, Face ID and the absence of the home button are certainly nice. But that’s about the only improvements that make a significant difference to me. I don’t even notice the better screen resolution or camera.

On the flip side, I am truly surprised how small the iPhone X’s screen feels when having previously used a Plus model. It’s slightly longer but much more narrow.

Furthermore, I find myself constantly charging the phone. I haven’t run elaborate battery tests, but still remembering how amazed I was by the battery time of the Plus when I bought it, this time it’s a real letdown. According to this, the iPhone 6s Plus offers 25% more audio playback time, on average, than the iPhone X. As an avid podcast and music listener, this significantly affects me.

Truth be told, I didn’t properly compare specs before I made the purchase. I am not a sophisticated gadget fan. My expectations relied fully on the price difference and on (seemingly misguided) trust in that Apple’s best smartphone model is the best model for me. In my defense, this is how it has been ever since the debut of iPhone.

In Sweden, the iPhone X with 64 GB storage costs about 25 % more than the iPhone 8 Plus. Is this price difference justified? Based on my personal needs, no. In my opinion, Apple is squeezing the lemon a bit too much here. Face ID and the removal of the home button (which really was a great idea) should be part of the “regular” iPhone version line. And I should have purchased an iPhone 8 Plus instead.

If you are thinking about buying a new iPhone, make sure you know what’s important for you because you make a decision.

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