Martkist is with you in this hard times of covid19 with our Martkist keeps you safe campaign.

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We are happy to announce the distribution of 3.000 masks to our community members in the following countries: Brazil, China, Colombia, Panama, the Philippines, and Venezuela.

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All community members in the selected countries will receive a mask from our team leaders completely for free.

If a community member would like an extra mask for a family member or friend a 10 Martk donation is required as a gesture to our campaign and donation program.

Official Donation wallets as a community focus coin we also rely on donations from our community, so we could fund our goals in listings and basic costs, like listing on an exchange, listing on a masternode site, adding more nodes to keep our network and community strong.

Martkist wallet:MHGQwBsubd3JJF83NKon6sx79nQygcCLyK

Bitcoin wallet:19sd2h6GfMzfzjKnqQvdy1qCB4Dtdsy72U

Thanks for the support.

A crypto faucet with twitter social media interaction by martkist, soon to launch!

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The focus of the martkist faucet is to enable a wider audience to promote martkist related tasks, and growth with the twitter platform, as users looking to generate income with their social media can do so with the martkist faucet platform and its daily assign task.

The martkist faucet lets users interact with their social media account on the twitter platform to generate MARTK, by executing daily task like: follow, tweet and retweet selected status on Martkist official accounts or task set by the faucet admins.

Users will be able to compete with others for prizes in referrals and top-ranking each month. …

Basic step guide in how to rent and mine martkist with sha256 miners

Using one of the most popular sites to rent a miner, miningrigrentals.

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Using this types of sites you can rent miners and pay with different coins not just btc.

Take your time an read the main information about their services and fees.Is time to register just like any normal website platform for services.

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Registration is simple and easy make sure you create a pin# you will need it to make important changes to your accounts.

Make sure you fund you account just like sending a bitcoin payment to any other bitcoin platform service. …

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