Advanced Wechat Marketing

I would like to talk some more about Wechat marketing and especially how some companies are taking this to the next level. The problem is that some ‘’experts’’ talk about Wechat as just having a company account in which you can place content. Wechat is so much more than this.. Not even mentioning its user rate of 1 Billion and active users of 600 million.

Today, I would like to talk about the more advanced stuff of Wechat and how you can use this amazing platform. I will be talking a lot about integrating the platform with the traditional channels: Email & SMS.

1: Create a database out of Wechat activities

Problem with Wechat is that it is not possible for companies to get much data out of the platform and are not able to create a database. This means that companies can not segment their users, and so are not able to communicate personal.

So how do companies find a solution for this?

A great example is Royal Caribbean, who set up a game in which people can win a free cruise. This is all done within the Wechat platform.

All they have to do is to play the game, follow the we-chat account and register their email and phone. Now the company does have all the contact details and is able to do an omni-channel strategy. The company now uses SMS for important personal offers, Wechat for general communications & Email for personalized offers, news and messages. The great thing is that you do this within 1 platform, so the messages will not interfere with each other. It is also possible to link SMS to Wechat, using a HTML5 page. Something I will discuss later here.

2: Wechat for customer service

Many companies are interested in using Wechat for customer service purposes, but the problem is that they have to transfer the data manually to their CRM. Not anymore! It is now possible to transfer this information automatically to your CRM via Webpower integration. So the information someone gives you via Wechat can be used for improving your segmentation and communication in Email & SMS. In this way, you use Wechat behavior for improving your email and sms marketing.

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3: HTML 5 pages

This you probably know about Wechat. Within the App, a company can create its own HTML5 pages. So you can create landing pages for specific campaigns you want to run. You can link to these campaigns using QR codes in Email & Social Media or include a link in a SMS/MMS message.

4: Market place

Last but not least, you can open your own shop within Wechat. Customers are able to buy using Tenpay, Wechats own payment system. This is the reason why content is so important, because the content does direct (and redirect) your customers to your Wechat market place. A company I really like who does this is BieYang, a young cross-border e-commerce company providing great content and having a simple but strong Wechat store.

Content shows an article of the German football team doing a Hugo Boss commercial. (They sell Hugo Boss in their shop) Click the first link, you will be redirected to their store.

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