China Email Marketing Metrics Report 2015

This month Webpower China published the China Email Marketing Metrics report 2015. The report reveals email marketing performance in China and benchmarks across 14 industries (including e-commerce, hospitality, exhibition and aviation).

You can see the whole report here

Delivery rates

Over the past year, Webpower successfully delivered over 11 billion emails. Among them, 91% were sent within China. In particular, industries that garnered the most email sending volume are: e-commerce, retailing, hospitality, exhibition and other services. Average deliverability in China is 95.53%, while open rate and click-through rate are 6.8% and 1.01% respectively.

Multichannel marketing

Multichannel marketing was the most remarkable trend in 2015. Compared to 2014, while the total email sending volume has decreased, the integration of email and SMS has significantly increased by 48%. Meanwhile, SMS alone has gained 74.7% increase in volume. Under the popularity of smartphones in China, a variety of content has been included in a text message: pictures, mini URLs and icons… In this way, SMS results in more immediate and interactive engagement than other means of marketing.

Quality over quantity

During the past year, closer attention was paid to email quality as opposed to quantity. Bulk email sending was gradually replaced by relevant communication through database segmentation. More and more customers received personalized information based on their preferences and previous online behavior. Furthermore, as China has expanded its legal reach and tightened internet regulation, companies were concerned about their email reputation and deliverability. This concern again, led to less spam and database buying.

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Trends in China email marketing

As for Webpower, we see the following trends in Chinese email marketing: first, great opportunities can be fostered in finance & insurance. With 150.33% increase in sending volume from 2014 to 2015, more and more financial companies will be depending on emails to communicate with customers and prospects. Second, multichannel marketing has received tremendous recognition in the past year. SMS, MMS and remarketing will be integrated with email in order to create an omni- channel approach. Meanwhile, consumer behavior is continuously tracked for relevant communication. Last, as the importance of consistent and personal communication has been emphasized and realized, companies in China will focus on developing lifecycle email campaigns. Lifecycle emails are sent in a progressive and consistent manner. The goal of such a campaign is to turn prospects into customer or to strengthen customer loyalty. As for Webpower, the company already witnessing such trends especially with clients in hospitality and aviation.