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Over a number of years one sector which held its head high is eCommerce. More and more companies are making a tectonic shift into the eCommerce solutions arena.

Marketplace model is the highway in e-commerce business, that can make you fly, atleast for a very long time to come.

Success in sight takes the shape of behemoth, only when you dream of it and start chasing it tirelessly to tap it. On the voyage of building a successful marketplace you must carry the below to-do-list:

1. Choose a viable Industry

Since the dawn of time, trade, commerce, business have been a staple in the footprint of human civilization, that includes exchange of services, goods, and currencies. Valuable items have long been deployed as a means of income and wealth. The origins of the bazaars and markets are obscure, however, have long been conferred within the literature, historical artworks, and substantial documentary proof, detailing how people in the past lived their day to day affairs.

Although it is apparent that the traditional marketplaces have largely tuned to the modern realities of technology and the internet, it’s no hush-hush that markets stay…

Dated as early as 3000 B.C, trade had given rise to many pockets of market across the world. Generally, it was the most populated corridor of travellers or residents where the markets were located and seeing one succeed, the others followed.

While there were traders and vendors busy setting up shops to sell their goods, there came opportunists either in the form of the government or individuals, who saw this growth and wanted to capitalise the same. They began by on-boarding vendors and traders under their wing and created a seamless supply & demand channel. …

Mart Monk

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