Why I Chose Adobe XD
Cyril Rouhana

There are a few good points you made in your article, although I have a few thoughts on your writing:

  1. Adobe XD is a great thing for the UX community, it will make designing great interfaces available cross platform and even Windows users will be able to find easy to use UI design tools for their OS. Although I must say that Adobe XD isn’t that much of breakthrough and most of it were coming from Sketch, Marvel and Invision and the famous UX tools available.
  2. Axure RP is the single most capable software for creating prototypes. I love Framer, tried Flinto and I’ve created UI animations in AE too, but the complexity of the wireframes that can be done in Axure always makes the clients understand the interfaces and interactions of the software I design. And It is really important to draw a line between a clickable prototype (XD, Marvel, Invision) and a fully interactive animated wireframe capable of showing hover effects, typing and complex interactions.
  3. Also wireframes and screen designs made in Sketch or Adobe XD are completely different things. Nothing beats the simplicity of a wireframing tool that is making you build only from the most basic components.
  4. Sketch is full of bugs. I admit that, but it’s really hard to find an application so easy to use and so good at performance even at very large projects, that I’m really thankful for the dev team for making it a reality. And criticising a team for only developing on macOS feels weak. Linking an article one year old also makes it weaker. More than 10 major versions were released since then.
  5. Yes, the UX community suffers from a really bad fragmentation of the tools available and there are really high price tags to pay, however Adobe as a software giant won’t save it, it will only make the market worse.
  6. Adobe XD currently not capable of providing tools for UI Designers as the most importent features are still missing from the app (like Layouts — proper Grids, Columns, Gutters etc…).
  7. Not to speak about softwares like Zeplin, Avocode, Abstract and a ton more which makes a UI designers work much easier and extending the capabilities of Sketch even further. It makes pretty hard to compare Sketch and XD if you are a Windows user if you can’t even try Framer which integrates into Sketch or can’t even try Marvel’s plugin that makes easy to create prototypes from Sketch screens or try Zeplin with great design handoff. (And this is also not a paid comment, I’m just really fond of Sketch as an open platform.)

So writing an article about Adobe XD replacing the “old” more common workflow and toolset/toolkit may have the wrong effect on the designers who only have Windows machines and want to get familiar with UX design. I think it would be wiser for designers to use tools that have been tried out, perfected and relased to the public as a complete software, not a public beta.

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