10 Latest Trends in Website Designing

The world wide web has become an integral part of man’s world. The whole world is using it for doing even their chores. There is a platform for each and every occupation such as groceries, clothing, electronics, books and so much more. Banking and News have changed their methodology, all credit going to the internet. Seeing the amount of traffic on the internet, websites are becoming more and more user-friendly and are experimenting constantly in order to attract customers.

Here are the latest trends observed in websites!

1. Material Design

Material design is a design language developed by Google in 2014. It makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. As of 2015 most of Google’s mobile applications for Android had applied the new design language, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google Maps, Inbox, and all of the Google Play-branded applications. The apparent usability of material design, as well as its design, has had an enormous impact on how people view and interact with various interfaces.

2. Animation

Companies are using animation to make their website stand alone in the market. Animation improves the site’s ability to express the work/service nurtured by the organization. Animation can be of different types :

Long animation : It is the type of animation which is a little more complex and requires the user input too. Parallax scrolling and pop-up notifications.

Hover animation : Most of the e-commerce sites are using hover animation. In this, when the user moves the mouse over the product the product’s information or function is shown. This allows the user easy access to the product’s information.

Motion animation : Our eyes capture the motion more than the image. When the user scrolls over the product there is a small animation about the product. For example the product being shown from different angles or product doing it’s function.

3. Loading bars

Loading bars are the answer to the user’s doubt about the time taken by the website to open. Because websites are implementing more and more functions, it takes a little more time to load the website. So these loading bars help in keeping the user put. Many websites use these loading bars in a creative manner. Adding creativity to the loading bars improves the first impression of the website. There are loading bars which use clocks, circles, battery and more creative ones showing a car race, horse race etc.

4. Large background images

Whether it is an e-commerce website, portfolio or blog, everyone is in the trend of using large background images in order to convince the user’s emotional side. Websites use large HD images as background instead of making a very flashy content. The image speaks for itself and gives a sense of cleanliness in the website. On the other hand, they help in illustrating the kind of message they want to give. Though, it is important to get the best picture here. Few companies use their employees as the background.

5. One Page Websites

One page websites are becoming a trend these days. Websites these days are made in one single page. Instead of creating a new page for every tab in the website, web developers create a hyperlink to the section of the page where the data for the tab is located. These websites are highly adaptive for operating on smartphones and tablets. Scrolling becomes easy in such websites as you can see the whole website by scrolling. The main challenge is to improve the SEO as there will be only one meta description and title tag.

6. Video background

These days websites are storytellers and storytelling can be more effective with the use of visuals, graphics and motions. Videos help in endorsing the idea and emotions to the users. This trend of using videos increased after the improvement in 3D graphics and quality of videos. HD videos provide real life like experience and keeps the virtual real.

7. Personal Branding

Entrepreneurs these days are sharing their ideas and objectives by personally branding their product. This way, people know there is a human being behind all the initiative which gives them a connection with the product. Also, this way the brand can be customised and presented according to its maker. The creator knows best how to convey the message to the customer.

8. Galleries and Slideshow

Galleries and Slideshows have been in business for sometime but those who are looking for an exhibition themed website or photography website then Galleries are the best to showcase it. Through this, they can show multiple images without burdening the user.

9. Grid style

This has been in business for quite a few time and is still trending. It allows the user to choose from the various grids or cards available. Most of the news websites use this to provide various category of news to the users. This layout looks clean and neat on any screen size.

10. ChatBots

Chatbots are the predetermined or sometimes artificial intelligence-induced chat boxes where a user can get the answer to any question. They can be used to clear the doubts of the customers. Few websites are using chatbots for customer care services. Celebrities on Facebook are using chatbots to keep their fans in touch with their activities and promote their events.