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I have been an architect for the last ten years, and I have been a witness to the incredible development of what we call now Building Information Modelling (BIM for short). I am also studying UX Design, and I can’t stop noticing that there is a big opportunity for UX on BIM, let me share this with you.

BIM is the use of 3D modeling information throughout the lifecycle of a built environment asset (a building, a city, a house for instance); to make better decisions with regards to its design, its sustainability, its construction, how the user will experience it, and the return on investment for the owner.

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Image source: KoreArch

We all know the frustrations of using Navisworks, Revit, and other BIM related software programs. The evolution of BIM software for the building industry has been phenomenal since the creation of Sketchpad (the first CAD software) in 1963, I have been a witness in the architectural profession of how BIM is changing the way we work dramatically. However, the interface of each of those software programs is still far behind what would be called a user-friendly interface.

User experience design (or UX design for short) helps technology be more considerate with humans; it is a problem-solving discipline that increases the desirability of the product by the user. The concept was introduced by Don Norman in 1993 while he was working at Apple. …


Bruno Martorelli

Bruno is an architect experienced in delivering large scale projects in the Middle East and Africa, passionate about technology and the future of BIM

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