“Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi

I have recently finished reading book “Never Eat alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. And this is short review of my experience reading it.

my very own copy of this book

I wanted to understand a bit more about how networking works, and for sure I have done just that.

Keith delivers all the concepts of networking in excruciating detail, with many detailed examples from his own experience networking with thousands of people during his career.

To be honest, feels like he has networked so much, that I am not sure how he has managed to do anything else. Like writing a book, or doing a work that CEO is supposed to be doing. Feels like he spends 24/7 staying in touch, orgising events, participating in conferences, contributing to nonprofits, sitting in boards, shaking hands, introducing himself and being invited to everywhere.

Even if in reality, his networking life is slightly less overwhelming, it is still very good book to buy and read. Many chapters feel like a common-sense that you just have never thought about. Similar feeling of course are invoked by most great ideas. Some chapters are really eye-oppening. And most of the book forces one to look at his life in the new light.

Book is written in reasonably good language. Different chapters focus on different areas of networking, there are not much repeating that sometimes happen in other management books. There are no hundreds of pages of self praising or telling just how much this book is going to change your life. Instead there is quite energising content. Of course, this book is not ‘can’t put down until wee hours’ novel, it requires some self discipline to finish.

This post, for example, is direct result of chapter 23. “become king of content” — I have restarted blogging as a direct influence of this book. Now it feels silly to always keep my thoughts, ideas and findings to myself. Even if I do not become exactly royalty of content, writing will still help both myself to organize thoughts, and also to show others, what exactly my mind is occupied with.

In last part of this post, I wanted to write that Keith suggests the power of social networks in his book, yet does not do much himself. I checked his twitter @ferrazzi, and looks like I am wrong. Of course he is not @pmarca, but still — plenty of stuff going on there.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in more active networking.

And yes, I am available for lunch or coffee in Tallinn, Estonia. I do enjoy programming, economics, lingivstics and science fiction. And most of all — good company with whom to dive deep into discussion on almost any other topic as well.

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